The Fire

from by Oleh

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The Fire was originally written for a uni music technology assignment and has been with me ever since. Making this song taught me the skills I used to create this whole EP.

This EP is called 'Homebrewed' because brewing beer is what started me on my path to self-sufficiency. The tracks are all recorded in this self-sufficient fashion by me on my own equipment, and are set up to mirror as closely as possible the way they are played live - through the use of a Boss RC-50 Loop Station. This live looped performance is something I've been working on for a wee while and now that I've got this EP recorded it's time to write some new songs!

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The price of the EP is $10 + $2.50 Postage

It comes in an amazing fabric sleeve sewn from secondhand fabrics - sheets, curtains, tablecloths etc, with a secondhand button held on by some off-cut leather... almost 100% Recycled! (the thread was new)

Every sleeve is unique.

Digital Download will be available soon aswell.



When they come they bring their fire.
When they come they don't bring no rain.
Freedom is our one desire.
They feel nothing while we feel pain.

'Cos I never asked for this...
No I never asked for war.
I never asked for anything,
But you just keep piling on more.
So take a look to your left,
Don't follow me.
I know you're feeling blue,
But at the rate we're going,
I'll see a blue moon before I see you.
'Cos it's a lot to swallow,
When you find what lies underneath.
Your politics I won't follow,
'Cos you're lying right through your teeth.


from Homebrewed EP, released June 4, 2010



all rights reserved


Oleh Dunedin

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